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ManyChat Review For Small Business Chatbot Building Platform

Chatbot Building Platform - ManyChat

About ManyChat

This is a tool that allows Facebook Messenger chatbots creation for the purpose of sales, marketing and customer support. It is easy to develop complete chatbots in the visual Flow Builder. It is also possible to access the free version but Growth tools come with branding of ManyChat on them. However, the PRO version offer access to several exciting features and the Growth tools are also free from branding in this. It is possible to use integration, tags and custom fields as well in the PRO version.

Major Features of ManyChat

Here are some major features which Manychat chatbots have.


The basic free plan offer several features and comes with branding of ManyChat in promotional tools and menu. Signing up for the PRO plan offers access to unlimited tags, features, custom fields etc. to the user. 

Interface and Elements

The user interface of ManyChat is modern, clean as well as beautiful. For creating a chatbot, user has the option of using the Flow Builder or work in the basic builder.

With ManyChat, it is possible to send content of several forms via the messenger such as:
·         Audio
·         Persistent Menu
·         Quick Replies
·         Emoji Keyboard (Built-in)
·         Call Button
·         List
·         Images
·         Share Button
·         Delays
·         Attachments
·         Video

Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence

The AI capabilities of ManyChat are limited and no Natural Language Processing is there.
However, the bot is able to:

·         Give automatic reply to user entered questions
·         Automatic reply to user entered keywords
·         Offer random response

Live Chat and Subscribers

The audience dashboard of ManyChat will surely attract you if you are currently the user of email marketing.
·       Audience/subscriber dashboard:  it offers the profile page and list of users who had bot interaction. Here you also get access to custom fields, tags of user, their joining date etc.
·      Facebook profile information:  the fields such as gender, first name, time zone, last name and profile picture of user are pulled automatically by ManyChat from Facebook directly.
·       Live chat feature (built-in):  directly chat with the users inside platform of ManyChat. The sidebar of live chat also displays the information of all the users so that there is no need to switch between windows.

Marketing Tools

Following are the Growth tools that you can use for chatbot promotion such as:
·         Facebook Comments: it sends message automatically to users who have commented on some post
·         Button Creator: it allow creating a customizable checkbox and button
·         Multiple Landing Pages: it is possible to customize and create several landing pages
·         Ref URL: it allows creating links of unique message for chatbot

ManyChat chatbots can send both Broadcasts and Campaigns .

Broadcast means sending out a message to a targeted group of users or send a follow-up to your customers only.

Campaign means automatically sending a sequence of messages (with delays) to any user who opted-in to your campaign (or automate message reminders for an upcoming events).


ManyChat can integrate more than one thousands of apps through Zapier and Integromat, to realized many advanced features. Some of them include Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Shopify, ClickFunnels, Amazon Seller Central, Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, WooCommerce etc. 

E-commerce and Payments

Payment option is there in ManyChat within the Messenger, which can help sellers easy to take payment.


ManyChat offers more than 100 templates, which include restaurants, health and beauty, hotels, food delivery, real estate, law firm etc.


·         With the help of ManyChat, you are allowed to welcome the new users automatically, schedule messages, send content to users, give response to particular keywords etc.
·         It offers automated and personalized conversations with customers
·         It is interactive, real time and features 80% open rates

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Basic E-Commerce Chatbot

Ecommece Chatbot Basic Functions

E-commerce and online sales have been going on for almost 30 years. Thanks to technological innovation, the Internet has provided great convenience for this, and merchants and consumers have enjoyed this convenience. However, technological innovation will never stop, which will bring more convenience and more interesting experience to businesses and consumers. Although new technologies need to be further improved, the application of new technologies has begun.

The Advantages of Conversational Message Platform

The next wave of power for e-commerce development comes from the rise and development of the Conversational Message Platforms.

These platforms include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, WeChat/Weixin, Viber, and according to Business Insider, they have used more than social media since 2015.

The advantages of a conversational platform include:

• Instant response
• Keep call history
• Provide interaction and a better experience

The Benefits of Using Chatbots for E-commerce

With the development of artificial intelligence and chatbot technology, the combination of chatbots and conversational message platforms is applied to e-commerce, which makes the whole shopping process "conversation", and online sales companies can communicate with customers 24 hours a day. Create an instant response and personalized shopping experience.

Instant response from chatbots enhances the buyer's shopping experience. Unlike in the past, when buyers have questions, they need to leave email or phone number and wait for reply. Sometimes they have to wait for 1, 2 days, and even the inventory of the goods that buyers want to buy is exhausted, or the discount offered by the merchant expired, causing buyers to lose their desire to buy. The instant response of the chatbot can greatly increase the buyer's buying interest and make it easier to purchase.

The chatbot records the purchase history of each customer, analyzes the products and consumption habits that may be of interest, and recommends the corresponding products in their future shopping. This takes care of the individualized needs of the consumers and makes the buyer feel valued.

A market research found that consumers feel fresh and excited about conversations with chatbots, especially adding programs to chatbots that give chatbots some sense of humor, and consumers prefer this experience.

Chatbot E-commerce Example


1-800-Flowers is one of the earliest chatbots on Facebook Messenger, it is a good example of the old brand's early adoption of new technologies.

Their chatbot is able to offer purchase suggestions based on different events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), making it easy for buyers to find the right gift ideas. On a general e-commerce site, buyers can only find it by themselves.

E-Commerce Chatbot Typical Features

  • Recommend products 
  • Show advertisements
  • Send coupons
  • Manage Shopping cart
  • Accept payment
  • Send confirmation
  • Provide customer support
  • Personalize questionnaire
  • Inspire customer loyalty

E-commerce Chatbot Developing Platforms

Most chatbot developing platforms offer basic E-commerce features such as shopping cart, payment process and more.

1. Chatfuel
2. Manychat

With the continuous improvement of artificial intelligence and chatbot technology, they will play a greater role in e-commerce.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Travel Chatbots Provide Better Services For Travel Agencies

Travel Chatbot Basic Functions

The impact of artificial intelligence is huge, and the application is also extensive, it has the power to completely change an industry! A travel chatbot with integrated artificial intelligence can help save travelers time, accept inquiries, arrange their trips or suggest places to visit, and facilitate transactions. There are more and more young people join to travel, they are skilled in using technology, so the application of chatbots will become more popular.

Chatbots Reduce Operating Costs

Chatbots can be used 24/7, support different languages, and reduce the cost of hiring multilingual customer service representatives. They immediately responded to passenger inquiries, reducing the time for travel agency staff to respond to calls and emails, and increasing customer engagement with the brand. Chatbots solve a large number of common problems, saving valuable time for customer service representatives to perform more complex problems and tasks.

Enhance Personalized Experience

Because of this emerging trend, companies are willing to differentiate themselves from competitors, which has made travel agency practitioners increasingly aware of the role of chatbots in travel company strategy.

The vast amount of data collected by the chatbot can remember the customer's preferences or needs, so you can achieve outstanding results in the customer experience and establish a personalized relationship with the customer.

In addition to helping travelers book their journey from flight to local accommodation, they can also help travelers by suggesting interesting places or activities in the area where they live, based on their personal circumstances. Chatbots can help you customize a wonderful vacation.

Building Closer Customer Relationships

The emergence of artificial intelligence, represented by chatbot, is changing the travel industry. It combines the experience of travel agencies with the traveler's plans to provide the most reliable resources, including fees, time, attractions, routes, and more.

Travelers and travel agencies are more connected, preferring to instantly access travel offers and use their mobile apps, including chatbots to interact with travel agencies.

For travel agencies, the traditional business model is declining, but the provision of quality services is unchanged, and chatbots can help travel agencies achieve this goal.

In the past few years, the technology of chatbots has been being improved continuously, and they are able to pass services and resources to travelers anytime, anywhere. Travel chatbots are being used as tools to help online travel companies increase efficiency, build deeper relationships with customers, inspire new customers and enhance the customer experience.

Chatbots are usually built on message delivery platforms, which are tools that modern people use almost every moment, which provides the best opportunity for travel agencies and tourists to interact. Travel agencies can quickly respond by building chatbots on the message platform, and then provide further help.

Basic Functions of A Travel Chatbot

The chatbot is not only a simple "search and booking" assistant, but also a complete travel assistant.
In general, a typical travel chatbot includes the following features

1. Plan a travel
2. Check flights
3. Book tickets
4. Check In 
5. View itinerary
6. Send notification
7. Rent cars
8. Book hotels

Travel chatbots can’t solve all problems for travel agencies. The necessary online services are still needed. Basically, all chatbot development platforms provide the function of transferring to the customer service representative dialogue.

In general, the application of chatbots in the travel industry is becoming a trend, they will help travel agencies to provide better service.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Chatbot Helps in 5 Major Business Fields

Chatbot Helps In Five Major Business Fields

The computer programs that make use of artificial intelligence to mimic the conversation with people are termed as chatbots and these can completely convert the way of interacting with internet. The present day chatbots are very sophisticated and make use of top level artificial intelligence.  This technique is so very good that it is often difficult to distinguish conversing chatbots from actual humans.  

Chatbots are helpful in performing several different tasks within the sphere of customer interaction, customer service and several different marketing and advertising initiatives that remain at the top of funnel. Some of these include:

             Easy analysis of customer data
             Making subscription accurate and more efficient
             Consumer analysis
             Showing the personalized ads
             Easily getting site feedback
             Making subscription helpful
             Getting contact info of the visitors

With the help of highly effective advertising like making personalized ads, chatbots efficiently enhance lead generation. One of its perfect example is Click to messenger facebook ad that enhance CTR to 60% and open rate to 80%.

Here are chatbot helps in five major business fields, which include
·         Customer service
·         Operation
·         Advertising and Marketing
·         Sales and E-commerce
·         Human Resource

Chatbot Helps In Customer Services

Running any business demands more and more productivity so as to enhance profits and lower the overhead. To make this possible, a comparatively new tool that becoming popular are chatbots. Basically it is the computer program that interacts over internet with humans in simulated human behavior and language that serves beneficial for the business.
There are several ways in which chatbots help enhance customer service:

Chatbot Supports Multiple Users

Chatbots are able to provide support to multiple customers at the same time since they offer fast response to the queries with to the point solutions. It is predicted by an industrial research that within 5 years, chatbots will be dealing with about 90% of the overall customer inquiries. This means that chatbots will help bring $8 billion reduction in the business costs.

Chatbot Improves Visitor Experience

With chatbots, customer service is significantly enhanced since it eliminates long waiting time for getting in touch with service agent available. This eventually helps to enhance customer satisfaction and service quality.

Chatbot Answers Questions Immediately

Chatbots answer questions instantly and precisely instead of roaming around the topic. This also enhances customer experience since they need not to wait unnecessarily for long time. People also remain excited in making use of this technology. It is found in a survey that preference of customers in talking with chatbot is 44% more compared with human.

Chatbot Works With Happiness Always

Chatbots never get emotional and therefore serve with a smile always. This is the reason why they have ability of adding good humor. You need not to worry regarding mood of chatbot since it is never bad and therefore chatbots never turn the customer away with wrong attitude, angry response etc. This greatly helps in enhancing customer experience.

 Chatbot Can Serve Customers Anytime

Use of chatbots ensures the fact that inquiries of customers will be handled instantly and that too anytime. Most of the questions are responded in an automated and fast manner by chatbots that eliminates long waiting hours for customers and improves productivity of the business. As per a research, more than 265 billion requests of customer support are made every year and servicing these costs businesses with whopping $1.3 trillion. Chatbots help in significant reduction of this cost enabling up to 30% saving for the businesses.

All these benefits make chatbots enhance customer service raising their satisfaction level that brings profit for the business.

Chatbot Helps In Business Operations

Modern businesses have chatbots as the new waves of tech making that are generating fresh opportunities in several business areas.  The concept of chatbots is not new but their usefulness has been exploited quite lately from point of view of businesses. Chatbots serve highly useful in optimizing the business operations in following manner:

Chatbot Works 24*7*365

Need of lunch hour or breaks are not there in the case of chatbots and they never get tired. This helps them process requests of clients night and day without pauses or delays athwart the year. The new age customers do not like waiting for hours to get the desired information. Chatbots handle this demand efficiently with the ability of holding several conversations simultaneously and offering relevant information without any mistake. 

Chatbot Can Cut A Company’s Operating Cost

Hiring humans for the purpose of sales and marketing is never cheaper and if the goals are not met, it serves to be expensive. Chatbots help solve this problem with the ability similar to loads of human resources. This help in reducing the overall expenses drastically while enhancing customer satisfaction and raising the revenue.

Chatbot Keeps Low Developing And Maintaining Fee

A full functioning chatbot implementation is faster and way cheaper than hiring human force for each of the tasks.  One person can efficiently handle only 2-3 people simultaneously and handling more people than that can pose several challenges and lead to human errors as well. Also, it serves to be expensive for the company to hire full time employees and offering additional resources to them. All this is reduced significantly with the help of chatbots since their developing cost is low and not much investment is needed for their maintenance.

Chatbot Saves Time on Replying Phone And Email

Chatbots are able to handle multiple conversations simultaneously and that too without any sort of error. This results in providing fast response to the customers. Also, chatbots effectively operate 24*7 so that any inquiry is replied without any delays. This leads to reduction in overall email and phone replying time.

Chatbot Automates Repetitive Work

The repetitive tasks are prone to human errors. This is not the case with chatbots since are able to finish repetitive tasks on time. It is possible on account of task automation by chatbots that help enhance the productivity and save valuable time as well. This help in efficient management of tasks that are repetitive but hold high importance.

Chatbot Helps In Advertising and Marketing

Chatbot can help companies to personalize advertising and analyze consumers easily

Chatbot Helps Consumer Analysis

Programming can help chatbots to monitor customer data and track the purchasing patterns so that the company can develop marketing strategy accordingly.

Chatbot Helps to Create Personalized Ads

Chatbot collects some initial information when a customer interacts with it via customer service inquiry. This information is used for making personalized ads that help in sales conversions.

Chatbot Collects Site Feedback

Chatbots can ask simple questions for gathering feedback by reaching out to the customers. This strategy helps a lot in website optimization.

Chatbot Create Lead-nurturing

It becomes easy to form customized messaging with the help of customer information collected by chatbots. This helps attain higher rates of conversion by ensuring consumer movement in right direction.

Chatbot Make Customer Interaction Proactive

Chatbots also help in the reach out initiatives with small actions to determine whether consumer is in need of assistance or not instead of waiting for the customer to initiate conversation.  

Chatbot Helps in Sales an E-commerce

Chatbots are setting transformation in the world of e-commerce since they help recreate the user experience with business replacing it with experience with friends.  Chatbots are driven by predefined rules and are developed with AI that makes them adapt and learn the multifaceted business problems. This is the reason why they are able to quickly respond to user inquiries. Several benefits are there of sales and e-commerce chatbots such as:

Chatbot Creates Personalized Interactions

Chatbots are useful in visitors’ data collection that can make product recommendations and suggestions better. With better understanding of customer needs, inquiries and their preferences, it is possible to personalize the products pages accordingly that help develop customer affinity and loyalty. Based on this data, chatbots can also make suitable suggestions for alternate products and provide notification about out of stock items.

Chatbot Improves Customer Engagement

The overall customer engagement is enhanced with the help of chatbots since they offer efficient customer assistance and that too without relying much on human support. In this manner, customers are able to get proper and on time solutions for their queries. This improves brand image that, in turn, help in increasing the revenue.

Chatbot Can Introduce Products To Customers

The expectations of present customers demand businesses to be available 24*7. The option of having round the clock service is expensive. But chatbots help eliminate this cost while ensuring that demands of customers are catered on immediate basis. Chatbots introduce the products similar to a salesman and that too with 24 hour support irrespective of the time.

Chatbot Takes Online Orders Easy

With the help of chatbots, it becomes easy to take the online orders since they offer immediate response based on customer query and provide matching solution as well. Personalization plays a major role in this. With the help of consumer data, chatbots are able to provide appropriate suggestions. This enhances user experience in placing online orders that makes the overall process simple and fast.

Chatbot Processes Payments Fast

Payment processing is yet another factor that plays major role in forming the shopping experience for the customer.  The user need to select desired payment option from the available options and provide the relevant details as required. Fast payment processing is assured while taking proper care of personal information provided by the user for payment.

These are some of the many benefits offered by chatbots in sales and e-commerce that help in gaining significant boost for the business.

Chatbot Helps In Human Resource

Chatbot is being widely used in many business fields, here are the five most common work chatbots can do for human resources departments.

Chatbot Can Answer FAQs

Frequently asked questions come from both candidates and employees
Candidates often have a lot of questions about positions, teams and companies. The HR department has often repeatedly answered these questions so many times, and is tired of it, but chatbots are always happy to answer these questions.

Similarly, internal employees often spend a lot of time looking for relevant information. With HR chatbots, employees can quickly get the answers they are looking for without having to search websites, web pages, files, and more. Besides saving time, this can also improve employee productivity.

Compared to humans, chatbots are more efficient and comfortable, and HR departments can spend time on more important issues.

Chatbot Automates Recruitment Process

Chatbots make recruitment easy and automate, such as screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and managing candidates, all of these take up a lot of time on the HR team.

Chatbot Makes Orientation Easy

Another automated process is the employee onboarding and orientation. Usually new employees have many similar questions to ask the human resources team. Now these questions can be answered by the chatbot.

Chatbot Makes Employee Management Simplify

Other processes that can be automated include attendance tracking, goal tracking, performance evaluation, employee surveys, and tracking of paid vacation balances.

An important part of human resource management is the annual assessment. Many HR managers believe that the traditional review process is outdated and not effective. Chatbots can provide performance assessments and feedback more effectively.

Chatbots save the HR department a lot of time and they can do more valuable work, such as employee development.

Chatbot Is Better for Training

Chatbots make employee training more effective. Previous trainings were demonstrated through video or PPT. It was tedious for employees, and chatbots make employees involved and interacted. Chatbots allow employees to perform at their own pace, as long as they are completed at the specified time.

With the AI technology development, chatbot will better serve more business fields in the future.

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