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Chatbot Five Trends In The Future Five Years

In the article "How to Take Your Chatbot to the Next Level", the author explains five points of the development trend of chatbots in the next few years. This gives us a new understanding of the state of future chatbots.
According to the article, at this stage, chatbots are the most important part of general artificial intelligence in companies. Customers need to get a fast and accurate response, so using artificial intelligence-driven chatbots can provide this quality service and bring a better customer experience. And this kind of service usually makes the customer do not know that it is provided by a chatbot, or even if they know it, they do not care.

Five Main Trends Of Chatbots In The Future

Enterprises want to use chatbots to provide better services. In the future, chatbots will be the five development trends, or have these five characteristics.

Strategic Upgrade

At this stage, most companies set chatbots as tools to provide customer service and save costs.
But in the coming years, “Chatbots provide a unique, direct relationship with consumers that offers an opportunity for retailers to reinforce their brand,” “As such, chatbots should be considered part of the overall customer experience.”
Chatbots should provide a better customer experience. This is the common expectation of enterprises and consumers, which means that they should be part of a company's business development strategy and will be promoted to the level of business strategy.
It is conceivable that enterprises will invest more in enhancing the customer experience of chatbots in the future. This will not only enable consumers to obtain a better experience, but also be a challenge and an opportunity for developers of commercial chatbots.
The so-called challenge is to require developers to improve and integrate artificial intelligence as soon as possible in order to provide a better customer experience for chatbots. For this requirement of the enterprise, developers will get more opportunities and greater profits. 
Combined With Digital Body Language
A new concept introduced here is digital body language. Then another development trend is to combine digital body language to help sellers better understand customers, understand the state of customers, are they preparing to buy, or have other questions, or are they dissatisfied with the product, and have other concerns and many more.
“For example, if a customer is bouncing from page to page on a website and showing frantic mouse movements, clearly showing signs of frustration, the chatbot should deploy, and even potentially pass the interaction off to a human agent who might be better positioned to help,”
From this analysis, the digital body language technology must judge the current state of consumers on the one hand, and provide appropriate solutions on the other. This means, the judgment needs to be combined with artificial intelligence to understand human emotions, use a lot of data analysis, understand the emotional state of consumers, and then provide corresponding solutions, which should be worthwhile for merchants and consumers expected.
Combine DataOps
This introduces a new concept called DataOps. It can basically be understood as analyzing a large amount of data obtained through chatbot technology. Obviously this is a new type of data acquisition channel. The emergence of technology, along with the conversation with chatbots, has its unique business value, such as marketing.
“The trick is being able to most effectively extract and analyze the data, as well as marrying those analytics to other marketing data the organization has,” 
For Employees
Most chatbots today are customer-oriented. Then the next development trend will be for internal employees of the company, and it can even be considered to expand to partners and so on. The goal is to save time, increase efficiency, and increase employee and partner satisfaction.
“Happy employees equal happy customers, both in the contact center and in the physical store,” 
It can be seen that with the continuous development of chatbot technology, improving the satisfaction of employees and partners will also be promoted to the business strategy level by many companies.

Cross-Channel Solutions

Current chatbots use different solutions, such as chatbots on websites, and chatbots on social media, and the experience they bring to customers is also different. The problem it generates is that for enterprises, the development cost is relatively high, and for customers, they need to adapt to different interfaces, which will cause some inconvenience to 
customers. With the development of chatbot technology in the next few years, different channels will use the same chatbot solution.
“In order to scale and continue to improve CX over time, companies need to standardize their chatbot and digital engagement solution.”

Other Trends

The article also mentioned, “Salesforce research projects a 136% growth in chatbot use over the next year, while 77% of customers say chatbots will transform their expectations of companies in the next five years.”
Consumers are even more looking forward to the services provided by voice chatbots.
Eventually, chatbots need to become not only more artificial, but also "emotional." This means that in the future, chatbots will not only be able to better understand consumers, but at the same time, he will have empathy. They will also send so-called praise, concern, understanding, regret, etc.
“The next generation of AI will be able to read the emotional state of customers, with insights that help customer service adapt accordingly — even taking cross-cultural differences into account,” 
“The result will be a more holistic understanding of the customer as an individual, allowing brands to build impactful and lasting relationships versus one-off touchpoints,”

In Conclusion 

To sum up, in the next few years, chatbots will become more intelligent, emotional, and digital, which will provide enterprises and consumers with a better customer experience.
This requires the development of chatbots to rapidly improve technology and reduce costs to meet the needs of enterprises and customers, while also providing them with opportunities to obtain development and higher profits.

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