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Chatbots Create Better Content Experience Based On 9 Golden Rules

An article entitled “9 Commandments for Using Chatbots to Deliver Great Content”, which is very interesting and valuable. Share it here.
This article was published on December 26, 2019 and was written by Chief Marketing Officer, using Blockbuster and Netflix as examples. Especially with the success of Netflix, to explain his main point, the key to marketing success is to provide more suitable and personalized content to potential customers.
Netflix was created along with the Internet. The Internet has changed the rules of business games. Merchants can now use the Internet to track customers' online behavior, analyze their consumption needs, hobbies, and consumption patterns, etc., and use this information to provide personalized services.
How did Netflix implement these personalized services, and what were the results?
When browsing its website, each visitor sees a different home screen, which is based on the previous visits of these visitors.
Movie recommendations are also made according to everyone's hobby.
The realization of these customer experiences is based on data, and powerful analysis has contributed to Netflix's success.
As one of the emerging marketing tools, Conversation can improve the content experience, because marketing is moving from transactional to experiential, not only to provide excellent content, but also to the right people at the right time and the right channel.
The author quotes BlueRush CEO Steve Taylor, “To create a memorable brand experience for the customer, each piece of content must fit into a larger conversation, contextualized to the individual. For each message, Marketers should consider the environment in which it will live; how it will drive engagement; the most appropriate channels to deliver it; and where it should appear in the customer journey. For maximum impact, everything must come together to create a seamless end-to-end content experience.”
How to create a great content experience, the author summarizes the following three points, which can be called

3 Focuses For Creating Great Content Experiences

Focus on customers: To understand what customers really expect and provide content that suits their expectations, not just how the merchant is doing, so as to build a close relationship between the customer and the merchant and create possibility for further customer acquisition.
Focus on the context: Merchants provide content to customers. Most customers now like to consume content at their own pace. They may ask questions and generate other needs in the process. Therefore, merchants should always create online based contents which are timely and flexible.
Focus on technology: Businesses need to use the right technology to get the right data and better understand their customers, provide them with relevant content, and provide a rewarding experience.
Chatbot is the tool that can now provide such a great content experience.

Chatbots Have The 4 Main Features

Promote Two-way Communication: Chatbots are based on understanding user intent and can provide highly personalized content, which reduces the barriers to communication between merchants, brands and customers.
Provide Customized Content: The process of chatbots chatting with customers is the best opportunity for companies and brands to understand customers. This process allows customers to directly ask questions in their own words, so that companies and brands can understand the key terms they should use and what content they should create.
Can be Used On Any Channel: chatbots are not restricted by time, place, and tools, and can integrate with the company's website, CRM system, email, and social media, so that businesses can better understand customer needs and behaviors.
Provide Vivid Brand Experience: chatbots with integrated artificial intelligence can provide services beyond what customers imagine. For example, a customer who wants to collect information about the product he wants to buy, just upload a photo of the product, the chatbot will analyze and list similar products, recommend them to him and provide relevant useful information.
At the end, the author reminds merchants of some precautions when creating their own chatbots, calling it

Chatbots Create Better Content Experience Based On 9 Golden Rules

Provide personalized message: There are many ways to personalize information, the most basic of which is to include the name of the recipient. This has a high hit rate and strengthens customer relationships. Modern users have many choices, they only choose the businesses and companies that think they value them. The author here compares the high open and click rates of emails sent to recipients by name. As a more innovative tool, chatbots can work more efficiently than emails.
Sending content in new ways: new social tools, directed to social platforms, are easy to attract and used by modern customers. On the other hand, modern people are relatively busy and have short attention spans. These social platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Snapchat, can attract their attention better. Merchants should promote content through these channels.
Make chatbot a brand ambassador: Well-trained, AI-integrated chatbots can make potential customers think about your brand, even change their attitude toward your company, make them better understand your business, and more.
Make Chatbots work like humans: Effectively working chatbots are personal, and customers should feel like they interact with real people, not bots.
Increase subscription participation rate: Chatbots will become the next wave of subscribing tools. Merchants can use Facebook-based chatbots to send newsletters directly to Messenger, and subscribers will receive notifications directly on their Messenger screens, will greatly increase engagement, and not be ignored like traditional email.
Get content from customers: Creating new content ideas is always a challenge for marketers. Chatbots can draw customers' insights, which can be an important source of new content. The author uses a case study of a Sephora skincare chatbot. “ These bots tap customers for insights on product performance, preferences, other industry products, suggestions and tips through short quizzes ”
Protect sensitive data with chatbots: When your customers provide their data, they have expectations to protect their privacy. Merchants should strive to make chatbots a secure channel for sensitive data. Data breaches are tricky and can happen in the most harmless way. So stay alert and foresee these damages and take steps to avoid them.
Using chatbots should also use human services: Marketing automation is a complement to marketers, not a replacement for them. No matter how ingenious a chatbot is, it cannot replace real human services, especially in subtle situations. When the conversation starts to get worse, the chatbot should be able to detect changes in customer tone and connect it to a customer service representative. If chatbots stay online too long with emotional customers, it could make things worse.
Ensuring the quality of chatbots: Put a lot of time and money into developing a chatbot to make sure it's as smart as possible. Even if customers know that the other end of the conversation is a bot, they will thank you.

In Conclusion

The key to the success of Internet business is to provide an excellent content experience. Chatbot is a tool to provide this experience. Using chatbots and good practices will help brands and companies promote business success.

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