Thursday, 2 July 2020

KejiMart FAQs

Thanks for reading our Blog post about FAQs, we move FAQs from website to here, it's easy for us to update and organize questions here.

1. What is KejiMart ?
Kejimart is a worldwide tech and business service team for small companies which develops Al, chatbots, data science, mobile apps, website, digital marketing projects.

2. How do I hire you ?
It's easy, just send your request, inquiry to

3. How many days should a project be done?
It depends on projects, we try to meet customer's deadline with satisfaction, please contact us for discussing projects detail.

4. How do you accept payments?
It depends, we accept payments through Paypal, Stripe, ACH for international and most U.S. customers, we also take checks for our local customers.  

5. How do I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the project/developer ?

Cancelling project would waste time for both parties. Please negotiate with us first.

(1) Try to postpone the project delivering date and get partial refund, but finish the project in a new appointed delivering date. 
(2) If you keep cancelling and getting a refund, please contact us at, we will help to refund you.

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