Thursday, 2 July 2020

KejiMart FAQs

Thanks for reading our Blog post about FAQs, we move FAQs from website to here, it's easy for us to update and organize questions here.

Please read these frequently asked questions carefully, they will help you to better use our marketplace and work well with companies/freelancers.  


1. What is KejiMart, how does it work?
Kejimart is a small business tech marketplace which connects small companies and freelancers, business owners browse the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click. 

2. How do I register as a Seller/Buyer? One user sign up, you are both seller and buyer. There are two ways to register.

Fill out the short form with a password.

Sign in directly with your Google account.

For those who want to provide/look for services globally, we suggest you sign up with your Google account.   KejiMart Register

3. How many days should a project be done?
Sellers usually list their approximate days which finish a project, but that suppose there is one buyer. In many situations, one seller handles several projects at same time, buyers and sellers need to negotiate project development and revising days, this protects buyers and also helps sellers to arrange their time reasonably, we usually suggest finishing a project within 30 - 40 days which include development and revision. 

4. How to set up a project delivery date?
Buyers and Sellers negotiate the project delivering date first, then Buyers Hire for job, select Date and Time, the Time depends on Working Hours shown on Seller’s Ad page. Sellers would deliver projects before the Date and Time.


1. How do I set up billing information?
If you only work as a Buyer, follow this instruction. Sign Up an account, then in your account, click Profile > Setting > Credit cards to add your credit card. If you want to be both Buyer and Seller, please also check Seller - How do I take payments?

2. How do I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the project/developer ?

Cancelling project would waste time for both parties. Please negotiate first with Sellers.

(1) Try to postpone the project delivering date and get partial refund, but finish the project in a new appointed delivering date. 
(2) If you keep cancelling and getting a refund, please contact us at, we will help to refund you.
(3) For refunding quickly, please follow the steps to start refunding.
Login to your account. Dashboard > Transactions > Seeker , click the small i sign (Transactions Details) on the left of Date. You may either take a screenshot and attach it to email us, or just write the content down to email us, which include Date, Orde Number, Service Title, Total, Seeker, Provider, Status.


1. What is the limitation for joining as Sellers?
For those who want to join as Sellers only, since we currently use Stripe to process payment, please check Stripe availability in your countries.  Stripe Global 

2. How do I take payment?
After signing up, you are required to connect to Stripe Connect account, with the connection, your payment will be transferred to your bank account.
Please check our Blog post to help you connect to Stripe Connect.

3. Why don't my services show up?
As we currently use Stripe to process payment. Sellers are required to connect to Stripe Connect account for processing your payment, your services won't show up until connecting to Stripe Connect.
Please check our Blog post to help you connect to Stripe Connect.

4. How do you charge commission ?
Currently we use Stripe Connect to process payment, Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction. After deducting Stripe fee, we split the rest, we take 15%-16%, others will be transferred to you.

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