Monday, 3 August 2020

AI Chatbot's E-commerce Functions, Problems and Future

The unprecedented increase in e-commerce transaction volume has created tremendous pressure on customer service and created many problems. The quality of customer service urgently needs to be improved, and more innovative solutions are needed. Chatbots are the first step. Chatbots need to become smarter to help e-commerce retailers solve complex customer service problems. This requires integrated artificial intelligence.

How can AI-driven conversational chatbots help e-commerce?

Help analyze and improve buyer loyalty
Achieve the best customer experience
Provide customer sentiment analysis

What are the current security challenges of chatbots?

Two main security challenges
Chatbots may constitute including cheating or impersonating others, tampering with data, and theft of data.
If the system is improperly maintained, poorly coded, lacking protection, or due to human error, it may become vulnerable.
In the past few years, the implementation of Chatbot has matured to overcome these security challenges.

Can chatbots replace humans?

A well-functioning chatbot can make the customer experience nearly perfect, so that it is difficult to distinguish between interacting with a chatbot and a person. However, chatting with human is still required in some cases. Artificial intelligence-driven chatbots will not only deal with customers, but will also promote communication within the organization in the near future. This type of chatbot will be very effective in carrying out various human resource activities in the future. For the e-commerce industry, this is very important. At present, artificial intelligence chatbots still cannot completely replace humans.

What is the future of AI conversational chatbots?

Compared with conventional chatbots, AI-driven conversation chatbots will promote customer engagement in the e-commerce field. It can change the process of interacting with customers, and customers no longer need to deal with the limited options provided by the original chatbot. More chatbots will work like Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Chatbots and the Future of Intelligent Customer Engagement

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