Monday, 10 August 2020

The main reasons for the rapid development of the artificial intelligence revolution and its impact on business

Artificial intelligence is called the fourth industrial revolution, or intelligence revolution. Like the previous three industrial revolutions, it will change the world, and the impact of this revolution will be more far-reaching and significant.

The key to this revolution is that artificial intelligence can make intelligent machines including computers, robots, drones and other devices "think" like humans. This process is to obtain information from a large amount of data, edit, organize, summarize, calculate, and then make decisions based on the processed information and take actions.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence is based on two main reasons

The development of digitization worldwide has enabled humans to have more data than ever before. The more data that artificial intelligence can access, the more accurate the information it can interpret. Just like watching a video on YouTube, the more you watch it, the easier it is to recommend other content you like.

Advanced technologies such as cloud computing and distributed computing have made it possible for computing power to develop rapidly, processing and understanding all data, and human beings are storing, processing and analyzing data on an unprecedented scale. Without this, the data will be worthless.

Whether it is a small company or a multinational company, whether it is a traditional industry or a new type of industry, all will be affected by this intelligent revolution.

And its impact on business includes the entire process, from how to create the product, how to market it, and how to optimize operations. This is something that every company must reconsider, so that it is conducive to its own companies to establish a corresponding and reliable artificial intelligence strategy to ensure that artificial intelligence is used to create greater value.

Human beings can use artificial intelligence to enjoy the dividends brought by new technologies, on the other hand, they also need to actively defend artificial intelligence from being used in immoral or evil ways.

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What Is The Artificial Intelligence Revolution And Why Does It Matter To Your Business?

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