Thursday, 24 September 2020

The 5 Importance Of Chatbots In New Marketing Strategies

In 2016, Business Insider's report on the use of emerging technologies in business showed that many business decision makers will adopt chatbots by 2020.

Some recent data show that 67% of online visitors interact closely with chatbots, and 58% of companies using chatbots are B2B companies. These AI automated assistants can process most of the 2 billion pieces of information between companies and their customers.

The use of chatbots in enterprises has reached a certain scale and continues to increase. How can B2B marketers use artificial intelligence-based platforms to increase the return on investment (ROI) of their businesses?

1. Enhanced inbound marketing

The Internet makes the cost of advertising lower, and advertising floods the Internet. Customers become numb and disgusted with a large number of advertisements. They prefer to find products by themselves. They prefer this process and believe that meaningful and lasting partnerships can be established.

2. Delight customers with content-driven marketing strategy

On the one hand, this kind of information is ignored by customers or sent directly to spam. Traditional online marketing methods have failed. The new content-driven marketing strategy can please potential customers and further realize the transaction. What buyers like most is the professional information conveyed by the content. From obtaining professional information from the seller, to doing research, and determining solutions, they need to get the help of seller’s marketers, chatbots can automatically communicate with buyers at all stages and at any time. Chatbots rely on artificial intelligence technology to simulate human-to-human interaction.

3. Chatbots improve customer experience

With chatbots, there will be the feeling that marketers and salespeople are always present.
For potential customers whose purchasers are decision makers, they may need this information at any time during the day to make a decision. This is a challenge for any sellers, because they are either in time cost or labor cost. It is very difficult for marketers or salespeople to be present at all times. But the chatbot can answer any questions of potential customers in a timely manner.

4. Chatbot optimizes the buying process

Chatbots can identify who is more likely to become a customer of his company during the initial answering of the question, and filter out others.
Next, the chatbot can guide potential customers to read the seller’s company’s blog and watch videos before buying, so as to better understand their products, services, purchase procedures, after-sales service and other important issues.

These features of chatbots can help sellers improve their return on investment (ROI).

5. Add new sales channels

The sales channel has increased from the previous LinkedIn to the current Facebook. Not only does Facebook have a larger scale of usage, but its multiple tools can help establish B2B customers more effectively. The Facebook Messenger chatbot has unlimited possibilities for generating B2B potential customers. Marketers can

  • Collect data and follow up
  • Generate customer insights to help marketers guide potential customers
  • Provide brand interaction for potential customers
  • Promote content to different groups of people
  • Make simple transactions

Chatbot technology improves the return on business investment by enhancing lead generation and supporting other B2B marketing strategies.

It has changed the B2B marketing method and saved hundreds of millions of manpower and time costs. This trend is still developing.

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